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car bake oven

  • Economic Car Oven

    Economic Car OvenWLD6100 Economic Car Oven is a cheap and cost-efficient. It has diesel burner heating system,but we also change to infrared lamp heating system. It is popular in Saudi Arabia,Vietnam,Malaysia,indonesia,Myanmar etc.Read More

  • Auto Repair Shop Waterborne Paint Car Paint Booth

    Auto Repair Shop Waterborne Paint Car Paint BoothWLD8300 is also a water solution paint booth which has 40 pcs of ceiling nozzles and 2 ceiling fans,which will provide extra air capacity to dry waterborne paint. Belguim,Lithuania,Switzerland clients like it.Read More

  • Panel Beater Use Water Based Car Paint Room

    Panel Beater Use Water Based Car Paint RoomWLD8400 is water based spray paint booth with extra ceiling fans,nozzles and insider dryers. It is a special paint booth used for water based paint spraying and baking. It is very popular in Poland,Germany,Bahrain,Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Dubai,Argentina etc.Read More

  • Turbo Fan Luxury Panel Beater Auto Body Repair Car Paint Booth

    Turbo Fan Luxury Panel Beater Auto Body Repair Car Paint BoothWLD9000 is a high quality paint booth with turbo fan,active carbon pocket filter system.It is popular in many countries,such as Poland,Italy,France,Nigeria,Finland,America,Chile etc.Read More

  • Garage Use Standard Car Paint Booth

    Garage Use Standard Car Paint BoothWLD8200 is our standard spray booth with intake and exhaust centrigufal fans. It also has reillo burner,strong paint booth doors,led lighting etc.Clients from Kazakhstan,Nigeria,Ireland,Netherlands,Kuwait,Qatar,Brazil,South Africa etc prefer it.Read More

  • Infrared Heating Cheap Car Paint Booth

    Infrared Heating Cheap Car Paint BoothWLD6000 Infrared spray booth is equipped with 30pcs of infrared heating tubes. The infared heating system has many advantages,such as no air pollution and no noise when baking etc. We also have diesel burner heating system,natural gas burner and LPG gas burner heating system for your choice also.This model is very popular in China,Malaysia,Indonesia etc.Read More

  • Economic Car Paint Oven

    Economic Car Paint OvenWLD6200 is a high quality car painting oven,but it is economic also. It has inlet and outle centrifugal fans. The front doors are made of 0.8mm gavanized sheet with powder coating,very strong. The air cabinets are power coating treatment also. This car oven is very popular in Oman,Nigeria,Kenya,Jordan,Morocco,Libya,Philippines etc.Read More

  • Luxury Active Carbon Cabinet System Car Spray Booth

    Luxury Active Carbon Cabinet System Car Spray BoothWLD9100 Luxury auto spray booth oven has active carbon which can filter paint,dust efficiently.It is popular in the countries which has speicial environment requirements after painting.Read More

  • Normal Car Spraying Oven

    Normal Car Spraying OvenWLD7100 Car Painting Oven is a spray booth with two sets of centrifugal inlet fans. We also have EPS and Rock wool panel for your choice.This spray booth doors,grills,ramps etc are powder coated,very autirust. Customers from Iran,Iraq,Bangladesh,Zambia prefer this paint booth.Read More

  • Normal Car Spray Booth

    Normal Car Spray BoothWLD7200 is a common car painting booth with inlet and outlet centrifugal fans.You can choose four paint booth colors,blue,red,orange,and white. This paint booth is popular in Japan,Malaysia,Indonesia,Paraguay,Uruguay etc.Read More