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truck spray chamber

  • Luxury Active Carbon Cabinet System Car Spray Booth

    Luxury Active Carbon Cabinet System Car Spray BoothWLD9100 Luxury auto spray booth oven has active carbon which can filter paint,dust efficiently.It is popular in the countries which has speicial environment requirements after painting.Read More

  • Furniture Water Curtain Spray Booth

    Furniture Water Curtain Spray BoothWLD-WS Industrial Water Curtain Furniture Paint Booth/Spray Booth Product Description: 1. With over 15 years experience in water curtain spray booth 2. Real big factory in China,covering over 15000 square meters 3. OEM service, can design according to customers requirement 4. The temperature can...Read More

  • AU Australia Luxury Spray Booth

    AU Australia Luxury Spray BoothWLD9000AU Australia Luxury Paint Spray Booth is special designed for Australia customers. The light fixtures are opened from outside of the outside of paint booth.It is equipped with turbo fan also. Australia and New Zealand customers like it.Read More

  • Big Truck Paint Booth

    Big Truck Paint BoothWLD15000 truck spray paint booth has 15m internal length,suitable for middle truck and bus.It has 3 groups of air circulation system,each group has 2 sets of 4kw intake fan and 1 set of 5.5kw exhaust fan. We sold to Iran,Australia, Peru,South Africa etc.Read More

  • Big Bus Spray Booth

    Big Bus Spray BoothWLD12000 Bus spray booth is suitable for small bus. We have do customized big spray booth. You can choose air exhaust from the middle pit or two side of paint booth.We sold to many countries,such as Bahrain,Mexico,Sudan,Maldives,Chile etc.Read More

  • Transformer Spray Booth with Roof Slot

    Transformer Spray Booth with Roof Slot3D car lift is supplementary equipment that used in automobiles, trains and other large or medium-sized work piece. It has high rigidity, stability, rational layout, easy operation, operation of safe and reliable etc. It is the most ideal lifting equipment for reduce the labor intensity and...Read More

  • 4S Shop Use Quality Schneider or Mitsubishi Touch Screen with Heat Recycling System Automotive Spray Booth

    4S Shop Use Quality Schneider or Mitsubishi Touch Screen with Heat Recycling System Automotive Spray BoothWLD9300 Automotive car spray paint booth is widely used in European countries which have cold winter,such as Sweden,Iceland,Denmark,Norway.This model has special heat recycling system which can save energy and heat.Read More

  • Big Bus and Truck Spraying Booth

    Big Bus and Truck Spraying BoothWLD20000 Bus spray booth has 20m internal length,suitable big truck and bus,ship,train etc. We exported to Saudi Arabia,UAE,Jordan,Japan etc.Read More

  • Standard Auto Spray Booth

    Standard Auto Spray BoothWLD8100 Auto Spray Paint Booth has sets of centrifugal intake fans.This booth is equipped with Italy Reillo burner,two ramps,LED lights. The cabinets are powder coated. It is welcome by Ghana,Tanzania,Mozambique,Madagascar,Georgia etc clients.Read More

  • Normal Car Spray Booth

    Normal Car Spray BoothWLD7200 is a common car painting booth with inlet and outlet centrifugal fans.You can choose four paint booth colors,blue,red,orange,and white. This paint booth is popular in Japan,Malaysia,Indonesia,Paraguay,Uruguay etc.Read More