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Powder Coating Line

Powder Coating Line

Powder coating line is widely used for haredware,furniture and many other industries.After powder coating,the products will be put into high temperature baking room. After baking,the products will be anti-rust and beautiful.

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Brief introduction of powder coating equipment
We developed the company's powder coating equipment for hardware, furniture, lighting, decorative materials, machinery parts and auto parts and other industries coating production. Processing objects from small hardware to large mechanical parts; equipment configuration from small batch parts (interval baking box mode) to large quantities of workpiece (hanging flow or automatic spray hanging water flow). Heating sources are wood, coal, biomass particles, electricity, oil and natural gas. I developed the company's powder coating equipment overall design and manufacturing reflects the beautiful and generous, full of the times, can reflect the modern enterprise style; the overall layout of the production line reflects the rational division of space, smooth logistics, easy operation and maintenance features, while meeting the special industry Safety and fire requirements. The whole equipment should meet the requirements of high degree of automation and low energy consumption, so as to reduce the running cost. The whole process is perfect and the process equipment is advanced. The operating conditions are safe and good. The workshop environment is clean and designed and manufactured according to the advanced level of similar products. Equipment thermal efficiency and utilization ahead of peers. Representative of the Guangzhou City, auspicious Aurora powder coating line, Guangzhou City, Hitachi excellent powder coating line and the Guangzhou City Jinde Chang company powder coating line.

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