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truck painting cabin

  • Big Truck Paint Booth

    Big Truck Paint Booth

    WLD15000 truck spray paint booth has 15m internal length,suitable for middle truck and bus.It has 3 groups of air circulation system,each group has 2 sets of 4kw intake fan and 1 set of 5.5kw exhaust fan. We sold to Iran,Australia, Peru,South Africa etc.Read More

  • Truck Frame Machine

    Truck Frame Machine

    Specification: Platform Length:11500mm Platform Width:2580mm Platform Height:570mm Hydraulic Pressure:70MPa(10000psi) Post Max. Tension:245KN Post Working Range:270 Total Weight:11tons Other sizes can be customized.Read More

  • Big Bus and Truck Spraying Booth

    Big Bus and Truck Spraying Booth

    WLD20000 Bus spray booth has 20m internal length,suitable big truck and bus,ship,train etc. We exported to Saudi Arabia,UAE,Jordan,Japan etc.Read More

  • Car Polishing Cabin

    Car Polishing Cabin

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  • 3D Lift Inside for Worker Painting Spray Booth

    3D Lift Inside for Worker Painting Spray Booth

    The 3D lifter inside paint booth is very convenient for the worker to do painting for all the angle of equipment.It can move forward and backward.The motors are sparkproof,very safe.This roof open booth with 3D lifter was installed in Saudi Arabia.Read More

  • Electric Rolling Door Spray Painting Booth

    Electric Rolling Door Spray Painting Booth

    The spray booth with electric rolling door is very convenient when you open and close the spray booth.The motor of the rolling door is sparkproof. This two big paint booths with electric rolling door are installed in Bahrain.Read More

  • Bus/Truck Tyre Changer

    Bus/Truck Tyre Changer

    Features: Special for truck bus tire. Maximum rim diameter up to 1600mm. Maximum rim width up to 780mm. Maximum rim clamping 26-inch range. Technical Specification:Read More

  • Truck Wheel Balancer

    Truck Wheel Balancer

    Features: Automatic distance and wheel diameter measuring. Designed for trucks, buses and tractors and other specialized machineries with high precision. Easy to operate auxiliary trolley. High-precision of self-adhesive weight position finding. Various balancing modes: Normal, Static, ALU1,...Read More

  • Car Prep Station Automotive Painting Outdoor Prep Station Bay

    Car Prep Station Automotive Painting Outdoor Prep Station Bay

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  • WLD-TR-2 Truck Wheel Alignment

    WLD-TR-2 Truck Wheel Alignment

    Specification: 1. True truck wheel alignment principle (Use axis of frame to be alignment base).A complete end to the domestic manufacturers used car alignment principle (Use rear thrust line to be alignment base) instead of truck alignment, can do alignment for any complex multi-axis of the...Read More