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Air Compressor

  • Piston Air Compressor Series

    Piston Air Compressor Series

    The pistion air compressor is used for providing compressed air for paint spraying.Read More

  • Screw Air Compressor Series

    Screw Air Compressor Series

    Belt drive screw air compressor German belt, with a unique tension control system, is easy to maintain and has longer life and higher efficient transmission compare with other belt which makes drive system more stable and reduce maintenance cost. Direct drive screw air...Read More

  • Air Dryer Series

    Air Dryer Series

    Refrigerated air dryer Advantage: 1. Low dew point-pressure dew point as low as 5℃, outlet dew point can reach 15℃ or lower on standard condition. 2. High-efficiency pre cooling regenerator-reduce the load of evaporator by increasing outlet temp by 10-15℃ and decreasing inlet...Read More

  • Air Tank Series

    Air Tank Series

    1.Air tank 4.Filter 2.Precision Filter Function Filter out ozone, gas and particulates in compressed air. Multi filter material include borosilicate fiber, glass fiber, acticarbon fiber, unwoven fabric and stainless steel mesh. C filter, remove most liquid and 3 μm above...Read More

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