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MIG Welding Machine

  • MIG190/230/250 Welding Machine

    MIG190/230/250 Welding Machine

    Single-phase 220V or 240V power supply,the usage environment is more widely. In the small curreent welding,can smooth output the welding current,is more suitable for sheet welding. Capacity wind cooling fan,even if the big current welding,but also long-term use. Combined...Read More

  • MIG220 MIG Welding Machine

    MIG220 MIG Welding Machine

    Use of transformers with self-induction-type electric resistance,even in the small current welding can be stable welding; Winde capacity cooling fans,can be long-term use; Multi-plate combination of rectifiers,even in the high heat state can be normal operation; Automatic...Read More

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