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Battery Charger

  • GCA Series Larger Charger Machine

    GCA Series Larger Charger Machine

    GCA serial large-power charging machine can connect over 60 serial accumulators and it is appliedto equipment or facilities using a larger number of accumulators. For example, large-sized forklft electronic entertaining facilities. and public transport organizations.Read More

  • GCA-12V-50A/GCA-120V-30A Battery Charger

    GCA-12V-50A/GCA-120V-30A Battery Charger

    GCA-12V-50A car showroom and 4S service station dedicated Auto start-up charger Features: 1) Axial fan cooling,long charging to ensure safe sue. 2) The battery is fully charged automatically stops to prevent over-charging.Read More

  • SR-2003-2000A Battery Charger

    SR-2003-2000A Battery Charger

    It is applicable to SR-2003-2000A for large-sized engines. It is widely used for startup and charging for large-sized vans,trucks and generator sets.Read More

  • SR-800A/1200A/1500A/1800A Auto Battery Charger

    SR-800A/1200A/1500A/1800A Auto Battery Charger

    With low loss,high efficiency transformers, to ensure a strong and stable current output; Equip anti-anti-pole device and the charge over-current automatic circuit protection; strong new chassis.Read More

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