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Car Member 220V steam cleaner High Pressure steam car washer

Car Member 220V steam cleaner High Pressure steam car washer

WLD2090-380V electric two gunjets steam car wash machine specifications 380V Steam Car Washer 1)1.5L water wash a car 2)Cleaning, disinfection & bad smell killing in car interior, exterior&engine

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Product Details

WLD2090-380V electric two gunjets steam car wash machine specifications

380V Steam Car Washer 

1)1.5L water wash a car 

2)Cleaning, disinfection & bad smell killing in car interior, exterior&engine


WLD2090-380V Multi Functional Steam Car Washer with Hot Water Function
       (two steam gunjets)

Dry Steam or Interior & Engine Cleaning

Wet Steam for Exterior & Tire Cleaning

Basic Information

1.  Feature:

380V 3ph electricity power, two steam gunjets, which can be used at the same time, all day long working available. It has steam humidity adjustment function for dry steam (clean for car interior and engine) and wet steam (clean for car exterior and tire, etc.)and 8 bar micro hot pressure water for thick dirty mud.

2. Application Area:

Car wash shop, Door to door car wash service, underground car wash business, parking lot (in supermarket, living department, industry zoom, park, etc.)   Besides car steam wash, it can also be used for kitchen steam wash, hotel steam wash, factory equipment wash, food line steam wash, medical equipment steam wash, home care steam wash, etc.

3. Function:

Remove dust, oil, insect body, ice-cream, coke stains, etc. Full cleaning, disinfection and bad smell killing on car interior, exterior and engine.

4. Technical Parameter:

Voltage380V-420 V 1ph AC 50-60HzPower12 kw/h (Standby no loss)Steam Pressure0.8 MPa (8bar or 116psi)Steam Gunjet No.2Highest Steam Temperature170°CEffective Operating Temperature60°C-120°CWater Consumption Rate26kg/hHumidity AdjustmentAvailable for dry and wet steamContinuous Work TimeNon-stop, All day longTank Capacity18 Liters(Can automatically supply by external water connection)MaterialStainless steel, Hi-Q sodium silicate forheat preservation & insulating

5. Protection system:

1) Current leakage automatically shutdown protection.

2) Overheat automatically shutdown protection.

3) Water shortage alarming and automatically shutdown protection.

4) Overpressure protection automatically shutdown protection, and the safety valve will also take effect to release pressure.

6. Advantage

1)Water& Energy Saving——1.5L, 0.8KW·H wash a car

2)Multi-function: Car inside, outside and engine washing——One Stop Wash

3)Steam Humidity Adjustment: stepless regulation

4)Environment Friendly: Free from detergent, but wonderful cleaning effect

5)Disinfection and Smell Removing,360 degree no dead corner

6)Mobile and Automacted Controlled: Texas imported chip, LCD display for working condition and defaults

7)Various Models: Saturated Steam & High Pressure   Micro Hot Water & Self Service & Customized models

8)Multiple Safety Protection Measure: Digital detecting(pressure, temperature, water level) and alarm protection system; Safety valve; Shutdown protections of over-pressure, water shortage, electricity leaking and accident.

9)Durable: Stainless steel body, Hi-Q sodium silicate for heat preservation & insulating

10)Imported Electricity Components and Important Parts.

11)Short Steam Generating Time, Steam Standby All the time

12)Modularized Parts for Easy Maintenance

13) Working All Day Long, Stable Pressure

14)Guarantee: One year(3 years for PCB)

15) Inner Self Clean: Unique cleaning design of tank bottom, cleaning up the scale easily!

16) Certification: CE (European Certificate) & National QS Test

7. Advice on model choices:

1) If you only have 220-240V 1ph electricity system, WLD1060, WLD2060 are suggested;

2) If you can have 380-420V 3ph electricity system, WLD1090 and WLD2090 are suggested, as they are of higher cost performance

3) If the cars are of thick mud, WLD2060 or WLD2090 are suggested with the additional function of micro hot pressure water;

4) If your electricity system are not stable, or you want to offer door to door car wash services, LPG powered model WLD1190 is suggested;

5) If other special requirements, we can customize or OEM for you.

If you are interested in the car member 220v steam cleaner high pressure steam car washer, please be free to wholesale the quality and durable equipment made in China with our factory. We are one of the leading and professional spray paint booth manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are always at your service.

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