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Dry Sanding Dust Extraction System

Dry Sanding Dust Extraction System

WLD-98B PLUS Dry Sanding Dust Extraction System

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WLD-98B plus Dry Sanding Dust Extraction System Features

★The company's industrial vacuum dust collection system is designed specifically for the dust-free grinding workshop。★The use of turbo technology suction principle 1200W ultra-quiet high road motor, with super dust effect can be used with pneumatic grinding machine、Hand grinding plate and other matching grinding tools。

★The machine has a high precision filtration function of double dust .this function can ensure  workshop's hygiene to improve the working environment,then let operator far away from the hurt of breathing dust .

★Our dust drum with automatic and manual switching function,The dust drum is activated when the grinding machine is in operation,When the grinding machine stops, it is delayed by 5-8 seconds,Effectively suck the dust,Handling is very easy and environmentally friendly energy saving。

★Vacuum host standard high-precision oil-water separator and oil mist,Grinder can automatically supply lubricating oil for maintenance,Eliminating the need for operators to fill the complex process of lubricating oil。

★Apply to the substrate before painting,Such as atomic ash, In the primer,Finish polished。

★Strong suction,For two stations at the same time work,Dust collection effect of more than 90%。

★Workshop paint area less dust pollution,Clean environment,Paint quality improvement。

★Automatic cooling、low noise、high efficiency、Long service life。



★Working pressure demand:6.1KG/㎝²

★Power consumption:1,200W±10%

★Negative pressure:2,100mm/H2


★Air volume:2.5㎡/min

★Voltage applied:220-240V/60HZ



Standard configuration ● Select the configuration ○


Car Tool


server system

3mm sanders

3mm sanders


5mm sanders

Square sander


Suction hose





5 inch porous 1set

6 inch porous 1set

5inch porous 1set

6inch porous 1set

323 hole 1set





Tee kit

6 inch hand grinding plate

Sanding paper

Tray protection pad

Tray cushion

Point throwing machine

70×125 Vacuum hand planer

70×198Vacuum hand planer

Hand planting dust tube

Toner indicator




60 sheet









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