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WLD-3D-II Wheel Alignment

WLD-3D-II Wheel Alignment

Display Accuracy 1'/0.01 /0.1mm Camber ±2' ±10° Caster ±6' ±20° King-pin ±6' ±20° Wheel Toe ±2' ±20° SetBack ±2' ±5° Thrust angle ±2' ±5° Track Width ±2mm 1800mm Wheelbase ±2mm 3500mm Post Height 1350mm-2200mm Advanced software enables the imaging cameras to...

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Product Details
Display Accuracy1'/0.01 /0.1mm
Caster ±6'±20°
King-pin ±6'±20°
Wheel Toe±2'±20°
Thrust angle ±2'±5°
Track Width±2mm1800mm
Wheelbase ±2mm3500mm
Post Height 1350mm-2200mm

Advanced software enables the imaging cameras to automatically adjust their height when the vehicle is raised or lowered, ensuring the targets are always in view, and allowing the technician to perform adjustments at a comfortable working height.

Technicians will also enjoy the benefit of being able to perform rolling compensation without lifting the vehicle. The safety and convenience of raising the vehicle to an optimal working height will reduce technician fatigue and correction times, resulting in an increasingly productive workforce and increased profits.

The post must use with lift.

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