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Infrared Lamp Curing Oven

Infrared Lamp Curing Oven

The baking oven can bake many kinds of products after painting. Firstly,please set the baking temperature to the value you want,then please turn on all the infrared lamps for baking,the temperature inside the baking oven will rise up quickly. At the same time,you can turn on the fan to recycle the heat inside the baking oven,then the temperature inside the baking oven will be equal.

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Product Details

1)Infrared Lamp Curing Oven  

Oven Internal Size: L8700mm×W3480mm×H2850mm


1. Technical Parameter:

a) Max Temperature:1500C;

b) Working Temperature:20-1500C

c) Empty Loading Rising Time:30-35 min。

2. Technical Content:

a) Oven Body:Outside panel adopts δ0.476mm stainless steel,Inside panel adoptsδ0.476mm galvanized stainless steel;

b) Insulating layer adopts volume of 120Kg/m3  rock wool,thickness 100mm;

c) Board and board connected by mosaic structure

d) The ceiling has two explosive-proof holes.

3. Oven Appearance:border white,oven body gray white.

2) Heating System1. Technical Parameter:a) Heating source:Electric type ;b) Power supply:440V;c) Heating style: Infrared lampd) Combine with 30 group infrared lamp cabin , each group with 3 tube , 1kw per tube, total 90kw power this oven . e) Heat recycle: 1 set 0.75kw centrifugal fan for hot air recycling of oven .3) Control Setting :1. Automatical temperature control system,up and down limit temperature setting, digital display.2. This product design accords to international standard,definitely safe when using.3. Time meter controls constant temperature time,can turn off at a fixed time.4. One control box,centralized control and easy operation.

4. Two rail on the floor inside oven , total 8700mm length; (Supply in customer side)


 (1) In baking oven, the ground has to keep tidy.

(2) Before entering baking oven, the parts must be cleaned up. Don’t put something dangerous inside.

(3) If you need to enter baking oven, please wear work cloth and shoes. Don’t smoke in the baking oven.

(4) If there are mosquitoes inside baking oven, please use the medicine to dispose off, then start to operate.

 (5) Please check the components in the control panel before starting baking oven. Please stop baking oven for one hour and check the components in the control box. Please make sure all wire lugs are fixed very well. The wire lugs will easily get loose and oxidative after long time use,meanwhile,fans and components in control box will overheat,which cause electric circuit failure.

 (6) Smoking and open flames are prohibited in baking oven. The baking oven easily catches fire if these regulations are not obeyed.

 (7) The baking oven must be connected with earth properly.

 (8) Except operators,don’t allow other people to go inside baking oven.

 (9) Please don’t connect wires of other machines into the control panel of baking oven.

 (10) Please don’t refit the baking oven,especially control panel without manufacture’s permit.







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