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  • Economic Car Paint Oven

    Economic Car Paint Oven

    WLD6200 is a high quality car painting oven,but it is economic also. It has inlet and outle centrifugal fans. The front doors are made of 0.8mm gavanized sheet with powder coating,very strong. The air cabinets are power coating treatment also. This car oven is very popular in...Read More

  • Economic Car Oven

    Economic Car Oven

    WLD6100 Economic Car Oven is a cheap and cost-efficient. It has diesel burner heating system,but we also change to infrared lamp heating system. It is popular in Saudi Arabia,Vietnam,Malaysia,indonesia,Myanmar etc.Read More

  • Infrared Heating Cheap Car Paint Booth

    Infrared Heating Cheap Car Paint Booth

    WLD6000 Infrared spray booth is equipped with 30pcs of infrared heating tubes. The infared heating system has many advantages,such as no air pollution and no noise when baking etc. We also have diesel burner heating system,natural gas burner and LPG gas burner heating system...Read More

  • Cheap Semi-downdraft Paint Booth

    Cheap Semi-downdraft Paint Booth

    WLD5000 is a cheap semi-downdraft paint booth without basement. This spray booth has diesel heating system and LED Cuustomers from Philippines,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka,Swaziland,Jordan,Nigeria,Namibia, Botswana,Mozambique,Zimbabwe,Zimbabwe etc prefer it.Read More

  • Semi Draft Mini Bus Spray Painting And Baking Booth

    Semi Draft Mini Bus Spray Painting And Baking Booth

    Semi draft paint spray booth. The air comes from the rear of spray booth going to the ceiling plenum,then air will go down to the spraying room,finally,the air will go to outside exacting by outlet fan in the air group system.Read More

  • Big Bus Spray Booth

    Big Bus Spray Booth

    WLD12000 Bus spray booth is suitable for small bus. We have do customized big spray booth. You can choose air exhaust from the middle pit or two side of paint booth.We sold to many countries,such as Bahrain,Mexico,Sudan,Maldives,Chile etc.Read More

  • Big Truck Paint Booth

    Big Truck Paint Booth

    WLD15000 truck spray paint booth has 15m internal length,suitable for middle truck and bus.It has 3 groups of air circulation system,each group has 2 sets of 4kw intake fan and 1 set of 5.5kw exhaust fan. We sold to Iran,Australia, Peru,South Africa etc.Read More

  • Sanding Table For Furniture

    Sanding Table For Furniture

    Sanding Table For FurnitureRead More

  • Car Painting Chamber

    Car Painting Chamber

    This car painting chamber has some special configurations,for example,the front door is opened from the conrner. The whole air circulation system at the top of painting chamber.It will save lots of space.Read More

  • Big Bus and Truck Spraying Booth

    Big Bus and Truck Spraying Booth

    WLD20000 Bus spray booth has 20m internal length,suitable big truck and bus,ship,train etc. We exported to Saudi Arabia,UAE,Jordan,Japan etc.Read More

  • Furniture And Woodworking Painting Cabin

    Furniture And Woodworking Painting Cabin

    This cabin is used for furniture and woodworking painting and baking. In order to save space,the air circulation system is designed on the top of painting cabin. It is designed for Saudi Arabia customer and installed in Saudi Arabia in the year 2016.Read More

  • Spray Booth China

    Spray Booth China

    This car paint booth is designed for Canada customers. The air circulation system at the top of paint booth to save space. Some canada customers require turbo fans has CSA proof motor. The front and rear has both entrance doors,so the cars and get in and out from the paint...Read More

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